Jurnal Ilmiah Komputerisasi

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Contoh Jurnal Ilmiah Komputerisasi Akuntansi  – UIN Jakarta as a Public Service Agency (BLU) through the Ministry of Finance Decree No. 42/KMK.05/2008 dated February 26, 2008, the UIN Jakarta should design management systems universistas of Public Goods, characterized by the bureaucracy in the organization of universities such as legislation, regulation, authorization and control of all units under the Semi-Public Goods and service oriented non-profit (Public Service deliveries) and Internal Services Agencies which gave authority to all faculties and other work units that are semi-autonomous / autonomous (decentralization). To carry out its authority as the BLU, a computerized system that runs required. Although, it already used computer technology, it is only limited to writing and printing.

Contoh Jurnal Ilmiah Komputerisasi Akuntansi 

So the computer is only used as a tool only and not as the main media in the data processing operations. In addition, the BLU is still using paper-shaped form that will be written manually. This is certainly not it can lead to risks that may occur as the papers will be easily lost or destroyed, which eventually will lead to lost data, too, the papers also will accumulate which will complicate the search for specific information. Refer to the above reasons, the researchers did change the process of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) AIS manual is a computer based BLU UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta by using the ExtJS Framework.


The advantage of this Ext JS with this library is the display of the web that we make will be more professional and user will be easier in the use of this web. Besides beautify the look of this library will also speed up data request to the browser, or vice versa, because it uses AJAX.

Jurnal Ilmiah Komputerisasi

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